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Disclaimer (just to be on the safe side): I don't own SG-1, but I do own this story which is an original work and not for profit. Note about the story: It is set in an alternate reality (obvious to fans). There are a lot of differences between the actual SG-1 storyline and my story, but hey, it's fun to explore different ideas. Ok on to the story:

Chapter 1

Daniel, Sam, Jack and Teal'c stepped through the Stargate. It had taken many years and countless casualties, but Apophis was finally dead. One year later, through the information provided to them by spy Tok'ra (who had infiltrated Goa'uld bases), the SG-1 team had discovered the whereabouts of Daniel's wife Sha're. She was of course now the host of the Goa'uld Amonet, but Daniel felt confident that he could save her if he could just find her and bring her to the Tok'ra. The latter had discovered a way to remove Goa'uld symbiotes without killing the host. So, they had come to P2X514 (or Silmaya as the locals called it), the place where Amonet was said to have fled when Apophis never came back to Chulak. They were to meet the Tok'ra Alana and human Genna (Alana's host) whom they had met on one of their missions and who had given them the most information on the location of Sha're.

"Hello Dr. Jackson, Major Carter, Col. O'neill, Teal'c". Genna nodded her head toward each member of SG-1 as she said their name. "It is good to see you again. I hope that all will run as smoothly as possible".

"I hope so too" said Daniel, who had the most reason to want this, so of course spoke up first. "And it is also good to see you".

"Ok, everybody's glad to see everybody, let's get to the mission shall we?" Jack's familiar sarcastic yet commanding voice drew the attention of the others and Genna motioned them to follow her into some nearby woods. Genna waited till everyone was near her then her eyes suddenly glowed a bright white and Alana came forth.

"As you know, Sha're is not alone. A small band of Goa'uld are attempting to rise in power. They do not have a leader as of yet, but their strength is not to be underestimated."

"Indeed. All Goa'uld possess great power, whether system lords or not", confirmed Teal'c.

"Thanks for the re-assurance there Teal'c" Jack said with his usual uncertain smirk. Teal'c just looked at him, eyebrow raised.

Alana began to speak again. "There is a base set up five miles from here. It is guarded by a large number of slave Jaffa who were taken by the Goa'uld when they came to this planet".

"Whoa, wait a minute" said Sam, speaking for the (uncharacteristically) first time since SG-1 had come to Silmaya. I don't know why I didn't think to ask this before, but why are these Goa'uld working together? Goa'uld aren't exactly trusting, and they don't usually enjoy sharing power."

"These Goa'uld", Alana began, "are apparently under the influence of some sort of device which is causing them to want to work together, although they are still arguing over who will be in command. I have not seen anything like it before, and I do not know where the device that is causing the behavior is located or why it is being used."

"I think the important thing is to just worry about how to get in there and save Sha're. I don't care how many Goa'uld I have to deal with."

"Daniel Jackson, have you not wondered still about Amonet noticing you when Apophis came for her on Abydos?"

"Yes Teal'c, of course I have. But that was a few years ago, and I don't know what to think anymore. I know she saw us, but did Sha're actually take over and prevent our capture or did Amonet show some sort of compassion? Is that even possible? If so, why didn't she attempt to get help from a Tok'ra or non Goa'uld or even try to escape to Abydos or Earth after Apophis died?"

"I am afraid I cannot answer these questions", remarked Alana. "Her actions may be an effect of the device I mentioned earlier or it may be something else, I do not know. I do, however, know that when you see her you will most likely find out."

"Ok, so let's go." Daniel said, a bit eagerly. "What's the plan?"

Genna spoke again. "As Alana said, there are many Jaffa guarding the base, however although there is no back entrance there are only two Jaffa guarding the front so getting in at least should not be difficult. It would be wise to split up and enter the complex two or three at a time..."

She was about to continue when a twig was heard snapping in the distance. Genna fell silent and looked toward the noise, along with Jack who had also heard.

"Everyone stay here" Jack said, and proceeded to walk towards the noise which seemed to be coming from behind some trees a few feet away. He crept slowly so whoever (or whatever) it was would not hear. He spotted what looked like a human and he walked about ten feet to the side of this person (still staying on the opposite side of the trees) so he could surprise them. He spread a few branches apart, carefully took out and turned on his Zat gun, and jumped towards the person. "Don't move!" He said. He saw a girl, around twenty, dark hair and eyes, leap in the air.

"Please d..d..don't hurt me! I'm not an enemy."

"Well I really don't know that do I? I'll have to find out a little more about you to be the judge of that. I think you should come to this little party we're having." With that, Jack took the girl's hand and brought her over to the group a few feet away. They (the group) had heard everything so far.

Once in the company of the others, Jack spoke again. "I'm Col. Jack O'neill and these are my fellow travelers; Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c." the girl looked at Teal'c curiously. She recognized the symbol on his head, but unlike most people she didn't say anything, knowing that if he was with them he obviously didn't support the Goa'uld.

"And I am Alana of the Tok'ra. My host is Genna." Jack was glad Alana spoke up. He wasn't sure if she wanted her identity revealed to this girl so he didn't want to introduce Alana/Genna himself.

"Ok", said Jack. "If you would please explain yourself."

"My name is Alonway", she began. "I am a priestess of the Rayshi. My people, like you, are working to defeat the Goa'uld. We have created a device which we feel may lead to the loss of control, and eventual breakdown of the Goa'uld empire. We call this device Taoshen'i which, in my tongue, means forgiver. We are a peaceful people. We tried to think of a way to bring down the Goa'uld without destroying them, so that the hosts may be spared. Taoshen'i works with the sarcophagus. When a Goa'uld uses the sarcophagus it (the Taoshen'i) sends a signal which interrupts the sarcophagi's normal function. It will still prolong their life, but instead of making them more and more evil, it slowly makes them less evil and that Goa'uld will start to want to work with and help other Goa'ulds, and not simply for their own gain."

"Ok, maybe I'm missing something" remarked Jack "but isn't a bunch of Goa'uld working together a bad thing?"

"Under normal circumstances, yes, but we had hoped that the Taoshen'i would make all Goa'uld good, much like the Tok'ra, and therefore all of them working together would eventually not be a problem."

"Why do you say 'had hoped'?" asked Daniel.

"Unfortunately we have found that although the Taoshen'i will ultimately reverse the effects of the sarcophagus, it can not turn a Goa'uld good. If they were evil to begin with, they will remain evil. We have also discovered that it does not seem to work with system lords. They are apparently either too powerful, or have spent so much time in the sarcophagus that the effects cannot be reversed. The only good thing about Goa'uld working together at this point is that we are able to control exactly which Goa'uld we want to affect so that we know which ones will work together. This way, we can find out more easily where their operations are taking place and we have a better idea of how many Goa'uld are present within a facility. Strangely, they also seem to be drawn to the device, which may explain why a fair number of Goa'uld have ultimately ended up on this planet. Although we wanted to prevent using weapons it may be inevitable and this allows us to gather Goa'ulds together and easily wipe them out. Without the empowering effects of the sarcophagus they are not as hard to defeat."

"If you heard any of our conversation, you know there is one who we don't want to defeat" stated Sam. "We want to save her."

"Yes I know. I heard most of your conversation and I will help you to find her and bring her back."

Genna spoke again. "What of the Tok'ra who have infiltrated the base as spies and are posing as Goa'uld?"

"They are not in danger. We are aware of the Tok'ra, and we know which Goa'uld use a sarcophagus. Although we did not know for sure whether the Tok'ra were Goa'uld who had not used a sarcophagus, I assure you, we would have discovered who was a spy before we destroyed the base."

Daniel was still unsure of things. "If your people wanted to destroy the base why are they not here? And why were you spying on us?"

"I apologize for not doing a better job of explaining things. We planned an attack and were going to invade the base tomorrow night. I was going to check on the base to determine the level of security when I heard voices coming from the trees. I went to investigate, but I stayed hidden, not knowing if you were friend or foe and that is when you found me."

"If you want to help us, we appreciate it" stated Jack, "but if you are trying to trick us or fool us in any way, we will find out and we will get angry and you won't like us when we're angry." Sam grinned slightly at the Hulk reference.

"I understand. It may not mean much until I prove myself, but I assure you my intentions are to help you find who you came for and to defeat the remaining Goa'uld."

"I believe that this discussion is no longer necessary and we should proceed with the task at hand." remarked Teal'c.

"Yes." Alana said. "All of you know my people so please look before you kill."

"Check", noted Jack. "Carter, Teal'c, you're with me. Alonway and Daniel, you're with Alana. Ok here's the plan: My group will go first. We will take out the guards and enter the base, watching out for any Jaffa or Goa'uld close to the entrance. five minutes after we enter, Alana's group will go. My group will search rooms towards the front of the base and Alana's group will search rooms toward the back (Daniel was relieved to hear this. He thought Sha're would probably be in a back room, but he didn't want to have to argue with Jack if Jack said Alana's group was to check the front rooms.), all the while both groups will keep a distance from each other so we are less likely to get caught. Does everyone understand the plan?"

Everyone nodded their heads and Alonway said "toway", which Jack decided was a yes.

While Alana/Genna, Daniel and Alonway stayed behind under the protection of the trees, Jack, Teal'c and Sam walked quietly towards the right side of the base, weapons drawn. Jack pointed silently for Teal'c and Sam to sneak up together, Sam behind Teal'c. They got the message. Teal'c moved up towards the entrance. Hiding behind the wall of the base, he reached over and shot the nearest Jaffa guard with his staff weapon. Sam, just behind Teal'c, quickly shot the guard on the opposite side.

"I have a feeling that was another 'too easy' moment." whispered Sam.

Jack went in front of Sam and slowly opened the nearest of the two doors leading to the inside of the base, again with he and his group ready to fire their weapons when needed. It didn't take long. Before Jack could even open the door all the way, a zat was fired toward them. Jack closed the door and pointed for Teal'c and Sam to hide behind the other door. Jack opened the door again, but as he did he hid most of his body behind the door he had opened and quickly fired two shots towards where he estimated the Jaffa to be. Luckily, he was right and he saw the Jaffa fall. After shooting one more guard and Teal'c shooting two, they were able to get into the base. They looked around to get their bearings. The base, despite outward appearances, was quite large. There were a great number of single doors running along the side of the base, and another set of double doors at the end of a long, twisty hallway. The look was similar to that of a Goa'uld mothership, which didn't surprise anyone in the least. Jack signaled Teal'c and Sam to start searching rooms, then looked at his watch. It was time for Alana's group to get under way.

As Jack's group had taken out the entrance guards, it was easy for Alana?s group to simply walk right through the door. Alana stopped at the door and told Alonway to stay behind and keep watch. Alonway went to protest, but realized this was best; five people in the base should be more than enough, especially with the head start of the other group, and a look out could stop any Jaffa or Goa'uld who had been away from coming back to the base and executing a surprise attack. As Daniel and Alonway/Genna entered, the sounds of numerous fights all around them became apparent. With her distinctly good hearing, Alana could tell that Teal'c and Sam were in these rooms, but Jack was in another hall. She told Daniel to go through the double doors at the end of the hallway and check along the corridors.

"Take care of any Jaffa you may find and if you see Jack, make sure he's ok. I will continue and search the remaining rooms." Daniel nodded in understanding.

Teal'c and Sam sounded like they were handling things, so Alana/Genna continued through the hall behind Daniel; he had already run into one Jaffa and one Goa'uld (curiously the first one encountered) who had come out of one of the unexplored rooms. Alana/Genna and Daniel met up and continued down the hall.

"Do you want me to go ahead and search the far rooms?" asked Daniel, desperate to find Sha're himself, alone. He knew it was what he had to do.

Yes, that is fine" said Alana. "I will continue to search these closer rooms. As Alana/Genna and Daniel went their separate ways, a noise was heard coming from the third room on the left, closest to Alana/Genna. It sounded like Jack and he seemed to be in trouble.

Daniel said "We have to go in there!"

"No, you go ahead. I will help Jack. We can?t risk letting any Goa'uld escape." With that, Genna burst open the door to discover Jack in a brutal fight with a Jaffa. Somehow, both their weapons had been disarmed, and the Jaffa had Jack pinned against the wall closest to the door, his arm against Jack's throat.

"Ahhgod, help!" yelled Jack as he spotted Genna. She quickly fired her zat at the Jaffa and with a jerk he let go of Jack and fell against the floor.

"Thanks, great timing" remarked Jack.

"You are welcome" said Genna. Are you alright?

"Oh fine."

"Good, but we still have a lot to do."

"Yes, I never had a doubt. Well, so much for keeping a distance from eachother."

With that, the new duo of Jack and Alana/Genna now started working there way towards the end of the base. Daniel was far ahead of them, and was only three doors away from the last room on the base.

Meanwhile, Teal'c and Sam had cleared the rooms near the front and met up in the hall.

"Teal'c, have you noticed something?"

"We have not yet encountered any Goa'uld"

"Yes, it seems rather strange considering this base is supposed to hold a fairly large group of them. where are they?"

"I believe it would be wise to keep our guard up major Carter."

"I always do."

They continued through to the second hall, about five minutes behind Jack and Alana/Genna.

Outside, it was soon becoming apparent why no one, besides Daniel, had encountered any Goa'uld. Alonway looked up at the hill that overlooked the base and a chill went down her spine. A group of about 25 Goa'uld was coming towards her. They didn't appear to have seen her so she quickly ducked inside the base, desperate to warn the others. She ran through the first hall and saw Teal'c and Sam walking down the next hall. As they started to round the first corridor, she simply yelled "Hey!" and Teal'c and Sam quickly turned around to see what was going on.
"What is it?" started Sam.

"Goa'uld are coming this way... twenty or twenty five of them, coming to the base!"

"We must warn the others" said Teal'c.

With that, they all headed down the hallways, looking for the rest of their group.

Meanwhile, Daniel had come to the final door. He looked behind him, no one in sight. He thought it strange, no sounds of voices even, as if he were the only one in the base. He walked up to the door and slowly opened it...

Chapter 2

Teal'c stayed to watch the door as Alonway and Sam went to find Alana/Genna, Jack and Daniel. They knew they had to hurry, even Teal'c was not a match for that many Goa'uld. They caught up with Jack and Alana/Genna shortly.
"Alonway says there are about 25 Goa'uld coming over the hill toward the base. Teal'c is watching the door, but if they are that close, I don’t know what we can do."

Jack thought for a moment. "Ok, trying to fight them straight on would just be stupid. We'll have to hide and try to ambush them. Carter, you go get Teal'c and tell him the plan. We'll all hide in separate rooms. When we hear the Goa'uld coming, we'll try to pick as many off as we can, then we can all come out and attack the smaller number. Now let's move!" He paused a moment once again. "Wait a minute, where’s Daniel?" Sam had already gone to get Teal'c, leaving Jack, Alana/Genna and Alonway to simply look at each other, none of them sure of where the missing member of their group could be.

Daniel opened the door and stepped in to the room. There was nothing there, no Amonet, no devices of any kind, just four gray walls and a hard white floor. 'Well, that was a little anti-climatic' thought Daniel, as he crossed towards the far wall, just to see if there was anything of significance written there. No sooner had he thought this when, as he was standing in the center of the room, a ring transport suddenly came down and swooped him up, transporting him to some unknown location.

Sam came back with Teal'c. They all hid in rooms throughout the base, except Jack. He was going to find Daniel. He would hide if necessary, but when the coast was clear, he’d start his search again. approximately five minutes after every one was hidden, the Goa'uld started coming through the door. they paused at the entrance, noticing the Jaffa on the ground. Two, who seemed to have taken on leadership rolls, shouted something in Goa'uld to several of the others and they quickly left, obviously having been told to search the area. Sam was in the first room and she heard footsteps march past her; suddenly the door opened and two Goa'uld came through. Sam, who was already prepared for this, quickly shot both of them before they could react. Unfortunately, the noise alerted some of the other Goa'uld and they ran towards the door. However, Teal'c and Alana/Genna had heard the whole thing from the other rooms (Alonway was farther away) and quickly shot them as they ran toward the occupied room. This time, the other Goa'uld were either too far away, or too busy to notice the noise. Teal'c and Alana/Genna ran into the room to check on Sam.

"Major Carter, are you injured?" inquired Teal'c

"No, I'm alright. How many did we get?"

"You killed two", Genna remarked, "Teal'c and I counted five for the ones we got, so seven altogether."

"That's not much of a dent. If there are another eighteen Goa'uld on this base, we still have our hands full."

"Yes, but at least it is a start. And do not forget, at least five of those are Tok'ra." Sam nodded. "Ok, let's check on Alonway, then we've got to get past the Goa'uld and find Daniel and Jack. Oh, and of course we’re still looking for Sha're."

They all left the room cautiously and proceeded down the hall towards the room where Alonway was waiting. In all the commotion that had occurred earlier, the Goa'uld had not checked the room so Alonway was still waiting anxiously. Sam knocked quietly on the door. "Alonway", she whispered, "It's us. Are you alright?" Alonway opened the door. "I'm fine, but I think I heard some Goa'uld running past. I couldn't open the door quickly enough so I just waited."

"It's alright, but we still have to find Sha're, get rid of the other Goa'uld, and find Daniel and Jack."

"Then we must hurry."

Alonway proceeded to walk out the door into the hall, followed by the others, and the search began once again.

Meanwhile, Daniel had discovered just where the ring transport led. He was standing on the main deck of what was obviously a Goa'uld mothership. He turned around and was very surprised at the sight that befell his eyes. There, standing in front of him, was Sha're, or Amonet, as she was now. She was dressed in elegant Egyptian robes, and a crown of gold, in the shape of a semi coiled snake. Caught by surprise, Daniel raised his Zat too slowly, allowing Amonet to easily hit him with her hand device, sending him flying across the room. He smashed against some pipes which dented and broke, releasing steam into the air, then he fell to the floor with a thud. Daniel's mind was racing. Amonet had obviously obtained this ship from Apophis after his demise. Alana had said that the Goa'uld did not seem to have a leader, but with her position on the ship, and the other Goa'uld in the base, it was clear that Amonet had some type of dominant control over them. Perhaps her status as the bride of a system lord had allowed her privileges, or maybe she had simply used that fact herself to acquire power. Whatever the case, he had to talk to her and find out if there was a way to get through to Sha're. Wincing at the pain in his arms and legs, he tried to get up, but soon Amonet was standing over him. She once again raised the hand device, aiming it at Daniel's head. He looked around, trying to find something to throw at her, to distract her, but there was nothing. "Please!" Daniel cried. "Please what? Please kill you quickly? Now I do not think that would be much fun."

"No, I want to know. Why didn't you say anything on Abydos? Did Sha're stop you? Tell me the truth!"

"She did not stop me! She has no control." After all that had happened, despite the fact that no one besides Kendra had been able to force their Goa'uld to do anything, Daniel didn't believe this to be true. He spoke slowly, deliberately. He would get to the bottom of this. "What... Happened?"

"Despite what you might think, I care for the child. I knew Apophis would not be able to keep him safe until he was old enough to become a host. He would have been found and killed. I did not inform Apophis of your presence because I wanted the child to be hidden. I did not, however, do it to spare your life."

"You say that, but it hadn't been that long since you had to let Sha're have control. She stopped you from saying anything. You must have known we would die before telling Apophis where the child was. He still would have been safe. Sha're stopped you!"

"Enough! Think what you want. She does not control me. I have no problem with killing you and I will prove that now." She raised her hand to Daniel's head again. Daniel didn't have time to react. The beam from the hand device shot into his skull, paralyzing him with pain.

Jack was searching the far rooms of the base. He could hear the voices of the Goa'uld behind him, but they were still far enough away to not be a concern. In a moment, he reached the last door and walked in. There was no sign of Daniel anywhere. Jack had only opened the door. He was going to go back towards the entrance thinking maybe Daniel had passed him when Jack was looking in another room, but something made him decide to enter the room and look around, despite it being empty. He stood in the middle, looking around, and a moment later the ring transport came down and Jack was sent up to Amonet's ship.

The others were still trying to fight the Goa'uld and avoid getting caught. They could not rely on hiding in the doors anymore as the Goa'uld now expected that. With the absence of Jack, Sam had taken charge. "Jack and Daniel have been gone a while, so we want to find them, but there are still a lot of Goa'uld left so we have to be cautious." she kept her voice as low as possible, and everyone understood. They walked cautiously down the hallway, keeping an eye out. At length they came to the set of double doors leading into the next hallway. Teal'c, Alonway and Alana stood to the side, zats ready, as Sam pressed the button that activated the door. The hallway appeared to be empty.

Chapter 3

"CREE!" a voice behind them suddenly shouted. Sam's heart sank. They all turned around to see the Goa'uld standing before them. His host was a young man, probably no older than Alonway, and she found herself saddened at the thought. There were also two Goa'uld, standing to the side of the one that had shouted, pointing zats at the group; the main one had a hand device. "I am Tac'met. I order you to drop your weapons" he commanded. Not seeing any way out of the current predicament, they did as they were told. One of the other Goa'ulds stepped up and took the weapons from the ground. Tac'met looked at Teal'c "It is the sholva" he said with more than a hint of a disgust. "You are lucky Apophis is gone. The bounty on your head was a formidable sum and I would have gladly delivered you to the hands of your god for punishment." "Apophis was not a god." This comment induced a slap to the face from the Goa'uld. "You would be wise to show respect for those superior to you." Teal'c remained silent this time, but his stern face revealed to anyone who knew him that he did not agree with the Goa'uld's words. Tac'met shouted something in Goa'uld and the two others went behind Teal'c and the rest and made them walk till they came to a cell at which point the team was locked inside.

Tac'met followed shortly. One of the Goa'uld whispered to him. "Should we not send them to the ship?" "No, I do not believe it is time for them to meet our leader and I have other things planned for them." "Very well." said the first Goa'uld and left along with the other who had been at Tac'met's side. When they were gone, Tac'met turned to the seemingly unlucky heroes and his eyes darted towards Alana. "Tac'met." she said happily (for a Tok'ra), although still whispering. With all the commotion that had ensued, the rest had forgotten who was Tok'ra, but he was obviously the first they'd encountered. "Wait, he's Tok'ra?" asked Sam. "Yes, I am sorry to be so harsh. I cannot do anything to jeopardize the mission so it is essential that I maintain complete realism." They of course all understood, even Teal'c. Alonway looked at Tac'met and now that she had a chance to think, she realized he was indeed one of the Tok'ra who had been established before she went on the mission. She was glad to know that someone her age was not another victim of the Goa'uld. "I will help you to escape, but for now you must remain here. This is the safest place for you. When I am able, I will bring your weapons back and release you."

"Do you know what happened to the others who came with us, Col. Jack O'neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson?" asked Sam.

"No, I’m afraid you are the only ones I've seen."

Alonway spoke up. "What of my village? I saw the Goa'uld coming from there."

"I am so sorry to have to tell you this. The Goa'uld discovered your people's plans to check out the base and decided to destroy the village. I broke away from the main group and was able to take around 60 of the villagers to some caves in the hills where they will be safe, however I fear most of the people and homes are gone."

Alonway sunk her face into her hands and started shaking. It took all her strength to keep from collapsing to the floor.

"I am sorry, but I must go back or the others will become suspicious. I will check on you soon." With that, he left the group to their cell.

Genna put her hand on Alonway’s shoulder. "It will be alright. At least some people lived." "Some people! Some people! There were over 500 in my village. Now all but a few are gone. We must stop these Goa'uld! We must do whatever it takes!"

"We will Alonway. We just have to trust Tac'met." stated Sam. Alonway sniffed, moved into the corner, and sat down. The others followed. They had been through a lot and there was nothing they could do now except rest and wait for some news. They all sat or laid down except for Teal'c, who was not tired, and felt more comfortable keeping a lookout.

The first things Jack saw when he came out of the transport ring were some broken pipes across the room. It took less than a second for him to realize he was in a ship and to notice the figure to his right. He could not see Daniel from where He was standing. Amonet turned towards the ring transport to see Jack. Now Jack could see Daniel who looked at him with something between confusion and relief. Amonet hissed and began to raise her hand device towards Jack, but he was too quick. He jumped out of the way and quickly shot her with his zat gun. Amonet tried to raise her shield, but it was no use. The pulse from the zat gun hit her and she convulsed, then fell to the floor.
Jack rushed over to Daniel.

"Are you ok?"

Daniel shook his throbbing head. "I think so, thanks. Nice timing by the way."

"Of course, now let's take care of her (he gestured towards Amonet) and get back to the others."

They managed to find some rubber covered wire lying around and used it to tie her hands and feet. Daniel was so relieved that they had finally found Sha're. He just wanted to take her to the Tok'ra and get that thing out of her head, but he knew there was still a lot to do. Jack started to pick Sha're up, but Daniel moved towards him. "Please, let me carry her" he said with a slightly broken voice. Jack simply said "Ok" and let Daniel pick her up. Jack checked to make sure the ring transport was still on, then they both stood on the transport and were sent back to the room.

Once in the room, Jack motioned silently for them to go towards the door. He did not want to take any chances and risk speaking when there could be a bunch of Goa'uld just outside. They stood to the side of the door and Jack opened it, zat gun ready. He looked up and down the hall, but saw no one. They slowly moved out of the room, but before they were out Daniel said "wait, maybe we should leave her here for now. She is tied up and I won’t be able to fight well while holding her."

"no good, she could slide over to the ring transport and get back to the ship. We’ll find another room." Daniel nodded and they walked out of the room, still on guard. They walked until they came to the end of the hall and Jack nodded towards the second to last door on the right. He opened the door and saw that no one was inside. Daniel took Sha're and placed her in the far left corner of the room. Jack then proceeded to tear part of his shirt and Daniel looked at him quizzically, then understood as Jack tied the cloth around Sha're's mouth. "Better to be safe.... yada yada." Jack whispered. Amonet suddenly came to and looked at Jack. "You!" she exclaimed and lurched towards him. He had no choice. He hit her hard in the jaw and she was down again.

"Sorry about that Danny."

"Don't be, you had to do it."

"Yep. Ok, what do you say we go find the others?"

"Sounds good."

They left the room, but as soon as they were out, they heard footsteps coming towards them. Jack motioned for Daniel to open the door and go inside. Jack stayed outside, waiting for the source of the footprints to be revealed. He looked behind his shoulder and noticed that Daniel was still there, waiting with him. He gave Daniel a look and motioned for him to go in the room. Daniel gave him a look that said "No, I'm staying with you." and Jack gave up trying to change his mind. They waited breathlessly, weapons drawn. A few moments later the double doors opened and a figure walked through. There was a slight turn and has he came around the bend, he was shocked to see Jack and Daniel waiting there. He did not have time to react. Daniel was the first to raise his zat, shooting the Goa'uld and bringing him down. They realized that he was most likely going to the mothership to inform Amonet of something. They of course did not yet know of their friend's capture. "The other snake heads will get suspicious when their buddy doesn't come back, so stay on guard." stated Jack. "Got it." remarked Daniel with a nod of his head. They started to go out of the hall, but before they did, Jack opened the door to the room where Amonet lay and shot the door panel from the inside while standing on the outside of the door. He quickly removed his arm from the entrance and the door closed. "Uh Jack", commented Daniel. "Are you sure you didn't prevent the door from opening from the outside?" Jack didn't answer, he simply put his hand on the outside panel and the door opened easily. "Yep, I'm sure." After that, they did go out of the hall, and began the search for their friends.

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