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06-08-06 - 2:40 a.m.

Feeling: Content

Watching: I Love Lucy

Thinking: I Love Chels, pretty much thinking that all the time now.

I am overdue for an entry again. Well it's not as bad as it's been before, like when I haven't posted for a couple of months or something. Anyway, let's see...

First, I bought the That's So Raven Too soundtrack. It is so cool! All the music is really fun and makes me want to dance. Actually, I usually do dance to it. Also, all the songs are very upbeat and make me happy. I'm very glad I got it.

Lucy and I went to 2 movies last week, The Davinci Code and Over the Hedge. OTH was cute, and I liked it a lot. My fave character is Verne and then Hammy. However, TDC was my fave. I loved that movie. I really like all the stuff with the changes in the bible and the Mary Magdalyn (sp?) story. I am very interested in religious history, particularly Christian history, simply because, since its beginnings, it has changed more than almost any other religion, and yet conservative Christians are more unwilling to accept these changes than other religions. I suppose it's becasue if the changes were accepted, it could undermine the fundamentals of Christianity as it is known today. Anyway, it is very interesting to me, so I really liked that aspect of the movie.

By the way, I am not in any way trying to knock Christianity, but I just like to study the history of it, the non-religious, unbiased history. I'm also not saying I necessarely believe what is said and shown in the movie. However, it is interesting to see what if it was true, and to explore that possible aspect.

I also appreciated the positive look at Paganism and the fact that they mention the pentacle is not an evil symbol, which is completely true! It isn't one now either, people have just designated it to be an evil symbol because they don't understand pagan beliefs and therefore think they are wrong.

The 4 points on the bottom of the pentacle stand for the 4 corners/elements (fire, water, earth, air) along with the spirits and energies which go a long with these elements. The 5th point on the top stands for the all. Sometimes this is a god and goddess, but sometimes it is just a goddess. There may be some pagan beliefs where there is only a god, but they are rare. Woman are generally regarded highly and are at least as important as men.

Robert says that the pentacle was the symbol for the goddess, but doesn't mention the four element points. This is probably because in most pagan beliefs, the all is part of everything and all other gods/goddesses/spirits branch off from the main god/goddess. Therefore, the goddess would be other elements, so you could say the pentacle represents the goddess because it is the goddess who becomes the spirits and gives power to the elements.

Also, some people abuse this symbol obviously. They say it is a satan worshipping symbol and there are those that actually use it, wrongly, for their backwards christian devil worshipping. {Side note: I am not a satanist, but real satanists, ones that are not following the stereotypes of hollywood, do not worship the christain devil, do not do things like sacrifice animals, and don't believe evil is a good thing. Real satanists are just like most Pagans, good and misunderstood.} Usually, when the pentacle is used wrongly, it is shown with the top point facing down. However, just because someone has a down facing pentacle, such as a ring they wear, or a picture on their wall, doesn't mean they are from that bunch. Paganism is an earth based religion. Therefore, we believe the all is in everything, in the plants and animals, in the rocks, everything in nature, and sometimes things not in nature. Therefore, to represent that the all is all around us on earth, some people choose to show the pentacle with the point facing down. However, even though it is an earth based religion, the all is still regarded highly of course, just as God, Allah, or any other high deity. Therefore, most people choose to have the pentacle facing up to show respect for the all. Neither way is wrong though, it's whatever people believe is best for their particular faith.

Back to the movie, I also really liked Sophie and Robert. They were cool. I haven't read the book yet, but I would like to eventually. I'd also love to see the movie again. It seems like the kind of movie where the more you see it, the more clues and interesting things things you see.

Ok, I'm very tired, so I guess that's it for now.

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