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X-Men Origins: Wolverine (major SPOILERS!!)
05-14-09 - 4:25 p.m.

Ok, well as I said before, I saw X-Men Origins. It is my favorite movie right now, I love it! Of course there were some differences from the comics, well maybe a lot of differences, but I didn't mind overall. The team at the beginning mostly gets killed off very quickly and they are all really cool, so that sucked, but the movie still gave me a really good feeling at the end. Oh, ok on to Wade, my favorite character!

Well, something very very bad happens to him and that is Stryker (massive massive A-HOLE!!!!) experiments on him and gives him powers of all these other mutants, which might not be bad except Wade likes to talk and joke, very charming and funny, but annoying to Stryker(again, A-HOLLLLEEE!!!) so not only does he take away Wade's ability to think for himself (he basically plugs him into a remote computer so that he can be controlled), but he sews his mouth shut so he can't talk!!! It was horrible! Wade Wilson in the comics is also Deadpool, who is extremely awesome, funny and crazy because of the experiments, but it makes for a great character. Everyone was looking forward to that and then we saw the movie. Near the end, Wolverine chops his head off which made me very sad and I thought that was it, but it wasn't ;) Oh yeah, my Mom took us to see the movie for our b-day (my sis and me). Anyway, in the version we saw, there was an ending where Logan is drinking at a bar in Japan. The bar tender says "are you drinking to forget" and Logan says "No, I'm drinking to remember". It was cool, yes, but not anything surprsing or that really gives anything way. Ok, so I was reading on the net that there is going to be a Deadpool movie and I was like well is it another reality or something, because he is gone in this one. Then I heard about another ending involving Deadpool, so of course I had to try and see it. We went to the movies one more time and it was the right ending, I was so frickin' glad!

Ok, what happens is after he falls, somehow his mouth gets cut open. Then, we see his hand reaching towards his head, the head turns to the camera and says "shhh". Yeah, it is awesome and will probably be parodied and get to the point where it is considered cliche, but I don't care, I am so frickin' happy that not only is he still here, but that he is not controlled and also he can talk!!!!

And on that note, I have some important information and that is I am no longer in love with Justin, I am in love with Wade! Yes, that is right, even at the end when he is messed up, I don't care, I mean I care about him, he seems ok because of his powers, his head can obviously get back on him, but I mean I don't care if he looks bad, that is bad to most people, he doesn't look bad to me because it is Wade and whatever way he looks his beautiful to me, seriously. I hope the Deadpool movie is the same reality, it seems like it will be. Ryan Reynolds portrays Wade and he does such a great job! He is definitely supposed to portray the character! I will always call him Wade because that is his given name, but after the changes most people call him Deadpool and I understand that. Some people call him that before the changes and that annoys me because he doesn't have that name in the comics (or the movie for that matter) till after he gets the mutant genes/powers (in the comics, he only got Wolverine's genes), but I guess some people don't think about it.

Anyway, I do mean it, I am in love with him, even though he is not in the movie that much, also he is not totally good, but he is not totally bad either. Wade is a mercenary, he likes to kill and he is tough and can do bad things, but he never just goes and kills an innocent person and the biggest thrill for him is in the fight, that is the combat of it, not just going and shooting some innocent person. Also, whatever happens, I just can see in his eyes that he has good in him, that is what I saw when I first watched the movie, so that was what struck me. I really love his personality too and also his voice, he has a great voice! Consequently, of course I love Ryan's voice too. It is very soothing to me, I know that sounds weird, but it's true.

Well that is all I really wanted to talk about so that's it for now.

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