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Please Read
09-16-06 - 11:31 a.m.

Hello, this is my "Disclaimer" here. Please read it and hopefully it will save me some time explaining things to people.

1) Although this diary is public, I am not typing for other people. I am typing it for myself. Therefore, I may say things on my diary that other people don't get. I might mention a name that readers won't recognise, or talk about an inside joke, but not mention details. It is my perogative what I want to say in my diary and what I want to leave out.

2) The things I say in this diary are my opinion. Everything I talk about, as far as what I like, what I'm upset about, etc. is my opinion and I have a right to it. If you read my diary, and are offended by what I have typed, don't read my diary.

3) Sometimes my tastes change. I might be really into something, and then get out of it and not really talk about it anymore, or maybe I'm still into it, just not as much. I have a right to change my opinion, and to change my diary, or what I've written on my profile, whenever I feel like it.

4) I'm not going to be anyone else on my diary. If I want to cuss, or explain that I'm mad about something or someone, I will. I try to be happy, and have an upbeat diary, but I don't always feel happy. Sometimes I just feel like complaining. If that bothers you, once again, you don't have to read my diary.

5) Some of what I type might make me seem crazy. I don't feel crazy, but maybe I am. I really don't care. I'm not hurting anyone, and typing my thoughts and feelings in my diary, no matter how strange they may be, helps me to express myself and to work through my problems and the way I feel about things.

6) Once again, I created this diary for myself, not for anyone else, so the grammar and typing might not be perfect. I try to type well and think about spelling, etc. however sometimes I just want to express my thoughts and I don't feel like worrying about whether I have the right punctuation and that type of thing.

7) The last item is just to re-iterate that regardless of how often you might read my diary, or how you think my diary will be, it is my diary. My mood, and what I type in my diary, is subject to change. I type for myself, not for anyone else.

Ok, hopefully that clears some things up.

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