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cacti and roses
09-16-06 - 1:33 p.m.

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I don't like roses. I know, people are thinking ~how can you not like roses? They are so pretty and they smell so nice.~

Yes, they are pretty, and they do smell nice, but they are also extremely annoying! Let me explain... first of all, roses grow very quickly. You have to trim them quite often and the more you trim them, the faster they grow. If they aren't trimmed, their branches grow every which way, then when you are able to trim them, the branches catch on your clothes, and on your arm, on your shoe, and pretty much every other part of your body.

Their leaves hide their thorns. You will see a rose bush and say to yourself "oh, what a pretty rose" or something of that nature. Then you go to pick up the rose, to smell it, or get a better look, and suddenly "ouch!" you get pricked with that dang thorn. Rose thorns hurt like something that hurts an awful lot, like a bee sting when you are allergic to bees. Trust me, that hurts! My eyes water whenever I get nicked by a rose bush thorn.

I love cacti. Now people are probably thinking, ~ok, how can you like cacti, but not roses? After all, rose may have thorns, but cacti have spines.~

This is true, once again, however cacti don't have the annoying things that roses do. You can see a cactus's spines. It doesn't pretend to just be a pretty flower and then grab you with its evil thorns. It says "I'm not pretending to be friendly. Yes, I have spines, you don't want to touch me."

Most cacti don't grow that quickly, and even if they do, they don't branch out as much as roses, generally, and they don't hide their thorns.

I think Cacti are a lot prettier than roses.

I have a cactus named Fry. I don't know what species he is, I have to get back with that, but he is small and round with thick, fairly long spines. I named him after Fry from Futurama. I did have one named Leela, but she died because she was not handled well before she got to the store. Her roots were exposed and parts of them were ripped. It pisses me off when peopple don't treat plants well. They may not feel pain, but they are living things, and if people are going to buy them and take care of them, they should be treated with care before they arrive at the store. Anyway, I got the cacti from my sis for Yule (/hannukah for Lucy). I guess she didn't really notice that Leela wasn't in great shape.

I want to eventually get another one and name him Bender. I will make sure he is healthy of course.

I have four cacti outside (1 inside, that is Fry) and 3 rose bushes, and the cacti are way less trouble than the roses.

Oh yeah, roses also require more water and more maintenance in general. I also realize that there are many types of cacti, and maybe there are some that might be more annoying, but in general, especially for the more common varieties, I like cacti better.

I probably sound so mean saying bad stuff about roses, but it is my opinion, after all.

I guess that's it for now.

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